Released at: April 19, 2010 by Jennaration X
**2011 AVN Award Winner for Best All-Girl Release.** **2011 AVN Award Winner for Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene.** **2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best Tease Performance.** Special 2-Disc Set. All New! All Girl! My ex-girlfriend Monique and I reunite for a steamy sex session. She reminds me and my mouth how much I love sweet snatch. Dani and Faye join up for an old fashioned girl-girl tryst. Full of kisses, fingers, tongues, and of course, perfectly pleased pussies. I softly seduce a blindfolded Charmane Star, teasing her before allowing her kitty to purr. Poor Carmen feels neglected. She demands Sophia's attention, and ends up furiously finger fucked! Sophia throws me around like her little fuck doll until I take charge and show her I'm no one's bitch! Once in a while you gotta sample some fresh, young beginner twat... I taste Capri to see if she's my flavor. Zoe and Karlie work up so much heat and pure passion in bed together, Pure "Meow!" material!

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