Mess 2000

Released at: July 31, 2011 by Walking Fish Productions
Mess 2000 is our second full-length messy video, and it is a good one! It features 6 scenes, 7 girls, and 14 incredible outfits getting sploshed with everything we could find! It begins with two quick scenes of Alexis, Kayla, and Pam. In the first, the three douse each other with gallons of liquid soap and rub it in and pour it on everything! Then the ladies take turns getting soaked with champagne by the other two. The next scene features Patty and Pam, two cans of shaving cream, and two very expensive business suits. Beginning in a hot tub and ending with them standing covered head to toe with the thick cream, these two just had so much fun we are all still laughing over it! The fourth scene begins with Alexis and Missy at a quiet summer picnic. They begin to eat pie and then start to feed the other. Alexis playfully tosses a bit of lemon cream pie at Missy and she returns the favor with a bit of chocolate cream pie. Eventually, Alexis plasters Missy with a great splat in the face, and Missy retaliates with a full pie in Alexis' face. The fight begins, real pie after pie until there is cream, filling, and crust literally everywhere! The scene ends with a slow wash down with a garden hose. Then, we are back at the hotel with Patty and Pam, two bottles of chocolate syrup, two large cans of shaving cream, and even crushed strawberries! A great messy scene with two classy and funny ladies! The final scene features Jade and Lucky, two great friends that play out "Rich Bitch and the Angry Maid" with tons of pancake and cake batter. After the prudish Jade gets a huge bowl of batter over her head, the real fun begins! They chase each other around until one is caught, and the colorful and sticky batter just flies! Finally covered from head to toe, both slowly rinse off under a garden hose in the midday sun. This is a fantastic and extremely messy video full of great outfits getting perfectly gunged. A lot of fun to film, and even more fun to watch!

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