MILFS Seeking Boys 7

Released at: June 17, 2014 by Reality Junkies
Horny and determined MILFS are back on the prowl for some younger cock! Tyler is Bridgette's busy personal assistant and has had enough of all of her bullshit; Tyler lashes out at her with all he's got. The only thing is, the angrier he gets with her the more turned on she gets it! Logan is infatuated by Mrs. Summer and is going to confess his undying love for her, until he hears screams coming from the backyard. Mrs. Summers is terrified of a large snake in the yard, Logan jumps into action and saves her. Mrs. Summers is truly grateful and gives him an unforgettable reward. Every morning Bianca sees a hot young stud running by her house, so she decides to go out and meet him one morning. She invites the awkward jogger in and then proceeds to put her "Mac" on him. Michael moves in with Billy and his family. Kaylynn has a huge crush on Michael and really wants him. Kaylynn tries everything she can to get him into bed. Will she get her young cub?

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