Misbehaving Again

Released at: April 4, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Elin is bringing herself into trouble again! Did she REALLY believe that Headmaster Tom wouldn't find out about her late return, hours after the committed time? Slipping under the covers fully clothed, pretending that she has been asleep since many hours already? Come on Elin, you also believe in Santa?? Of course Headmaster Tom finds out about her stupid plan! This is just so sad for her buttocks that take a thrashing with the wooden paddle before she comes out with the truth. That is followed by some fierce strokes with the carpet beater and completed by a severe caning over her jeans and on her bare bottom. This is going to be a very unpleasant night for Elin as she tries to get some rest with a blazing red and swollen bottom.

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