MM370: Female Vs. Female Wrestling Demo

Released at: May 16, 2010 by Mass Muscle
This video shows the best segments of several Female vs. Female wrestling videos. Some matches shown are: Ziggy vs. Christine; Karla vs. Kathy; Laura vs. Michelle; Sally vs. Dawn; Christine vs. Renee O'Neil; Karla vs. Dawn Whitham; Karla vs. Thea; Nicole vs. Karla and others. Over 45 minutes of non-stop female vs. female fighting. Watch as their muscles explode while trying to defeat each other for submissions. If you like female vs. female competition then you will love this video. **The audio has some static in the background**

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Scene1: 00:00:33 - 00:12:02 (11:29)

Scene2: 00:12:03 - 00:23:06 (11:03)

Scene3: 00:23:07 - 00:35:14 (12:07)

Scene4: 00:35:15 - 00:48:52 (13:37)