Momiji Episode 2: Young Leaves

Released at: March 24, 2008 by Adult Source Media
The episode begins with the introduction of Ayane, who is in love with Kazuto. Despite her efforts, Kazuto shows no interest in her, but she is determined to change that. Meanwhile, at the end of a physical exercise class, the girls quickly dress themselves, leaving Momiji in the changing room alone. That's when Kazuto shows up and forces her to have sex with him. Returning home, Kazuto finds Mari, an uptight maid of his masturbating on his bed. Provoked, he tells her that he will punish her. That's when Mari confesses her love for him. We soon discover that Mari is the faithful head servant of Kazuto. She prepares Shizuru, Ayane and Momiji with vibrators, ensuring that they are sexually aroused for Kazuto's liking.

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