Monica Mendez Means Business

Released at: October 27, 2006 by Bob's Videos
Monica Mendez is one of the hottest names in adult entertainment these days, and with good reason. Her dark sultry look, absolutely awesome natural beauty, spectacularly plentiful real breasts and totally sweet personality make her a dream come true. She has worked with Bob before, and each time her material has been released, it has created a flood of reactions and pleas for MORE!!!! Monica opens the tape applying nail polish to her toes....and of course, while they dry, it is a perfect opportunity to smoke three cigarettes and show off for you. Each smoke seems to be more satisfying and more of a turn on than the previous one, and by the time her toes are dry, you will be too!!!! Gorgeous video....a fabulous scene. Brittney Ray again practices and introduces herself, sharing some of the opening moments from her first session that produced such amazing video. She's a natural smoker and a natural tease and a hot little sexpot who is sure to win your heart and make you want to see more of her....nice lighting, and good smoking. Zana is prim and proper.....and breathtakingly beautiful. Her marlboro's tease her from the table, and she simply sits and casually reads..........letting the anticipation grow as she postpones lighting up. She loves the 'build up' and realizes how squirmy you can get waiting to see her smoke. After lighting up, she gets to thinking about her lover, so she calls him. He gets downright dirty on the phone, and the result of his filthy mouth leads to all sorts of activity from Zana. This scene was not originally filmed with the 'smoke fetish genre' in mind.....and you'll certainly wish she smoked even more than she does, but she smokes that one cigarette very well, and the scene is scorching hot anyway, so i decided to include it in this collection of sensual smoking moments. And finally imagine Monica whispering to you and describing how much she likes to smoke and also masturbate. As she lights a 120 and talks to you, she'll also smile and welcome you to watch. And your imagined thoughts will come to life, and Monica will proceed to smoke herself right into a wondrous orgasm, just for you and the intimate, smokey afterglow you'll share. Especially pretty video throughout this volume. 110 minutes of gorgeous fun!

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