Monique Alexander J/O Panty

Released at: September 9, 2011 by Playtime Video
19-year-old beauty, Monique Alexander walks into the living room and states, "I'm here to show you my panties, do you want to jack off to my panties?" As she raises her pleated skirt to let you see her white cotton bikini panties. Her little fist strokes up and down because she wants you to beat off. She gives you all the angles you love including up skirt, bent over and that panty covered ass pointed your way. Her blouse and skirt now discarded, she stands above you tugging at her little panties. She pulls them over her coochie for you then takes the camera to give you a personal panty show. She lets the cameraman take over to strips off her bra and panties to give you a view of her shaved moist snatch. Next, Monique wants to show you her cute pink cotton bikini panties. "Don't you wish you were here, touching my pink panties?" She stands directly over you to rub that pussy, stripping all off to then change into pink satin bikinis to finish you off. "Do you want to come over my cute pink panties?" Well? Last scene, we sneak into Monique's bedroom as she takes a nap wearing cut off denim shorts and white ankle socks. She awakens then scolds you and figures you need to jack off so she decides to give you perverts a show. She strips off her shorts to let you see her shiny silver satin bikini panties. She gives you plenty of crotch rubbing and J/O encouragement as she thrusts her hips into your face. A panty strip, a wet pussy rub and a wave good-bye. Hot Fucking Tease!

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