Monstercock Trans Takeover 25

Released at: September 20, 2018 by Trans500 Studios
If there's one thing that Trans500 does is bring you top notch hardcore transsexual action right to your home. We have a collection of the sexiest and most beautiful trannies around.Period.No need to look around anywhere else.Today we have the pleasure of being graced by the presence of sexy and exotic Noy. This exotic beauty is on the hunt for just one thing.....a huge hard cock to penetrate her thirsty ass-hole. She wants nothing less than a hard shaft up her horny ass.Ramon has one thing in mind today, and that is to get that monster dick inside a sweet ass. Noy is one of those Asian trannies that doesn't hesitate to get right down to it. She heads right down to the Monster-dick. She takes it in every which way possible. Watch her ride it and take it like a pro. Ramon doesn't know what hit him when Noy gets to it. Enough talk, let's get right down to the action. Let's welcome Noy in "Meeting the Monster" Only from your favorite transsexual website on the! Sofia Restrepo is one sexy piece of ass. What better way to welcome her than to give her some thick, hardcore Monstercock dick!? We do just that. Our boy is ready to lay down the pipe folks. This girl is cute, horny, and ready to get that ass stretched and banged. Let's get it started ladies and gentlemen. Gorgeous Sofia Restrepo in "Sofia meets the Monster" It's Friday the 13th ladies and gentlemen but all of you are definitely in luck. Gorgeous, horny and packing an ass that won't quit is lovely Tanya Montini. Yes indeed folks, this girl is on her way to be a legend in the industry. Look at that ass, go ahead we'll wait. Our boy can't contain that Monstercock. This is just the beginning. Let's get right to the action. Wendy Williams is considered a pioneer in the Transsexual adult genre. She has paved the way for many and is currently the most rewarded transsexual star in the business winning in all of the major award ceremonies. It was only right that we put her at the top of our list of targets we had to have appear on trans500. The way this plays out is I called Wendy and told her I was coming to Vegas and was interested in shooting with her but the catch was I could not reveal to her who her partner for the scene would be . Luckily she agreed and off to Vegas we went . Our scene starts out with a little tease from Wendy and then she spends a bit of time preparing and loosening up her tight ass with a toy .. Knock Knock .. Whose There? Its Fucking Ramon!!! Ramon's in tha house and hes got one thing on his mind. Hardcore, ass pounding action at its best!! He tears that tranny ass like he's known to do around these parts. When Ramon comes out to play, you know there's no telling what may happen to the target at hand. Watch Wendy Williams lay down and get stuffed with that Monster of a Cock. Simply one of our best hardcore ass pounding scenes! Enough talking, let the mouth stuffing, cock-slurping and anal destruction begin with Wendy Williams in "Wendy Meets the Monster"

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