More Dirty Debutantes #96

Released at: June 22, 2001 by Ed Powers Productions
Ever hear the expression "it takes all kinds"? This volume is a variety of a kind, different types of looks and shapes. Renee Larue is a type not very often shot for a Deb, but it is her first and her enthusiasm is fresh and eager. Her debut is awesome. Mariah returns for a quickie and Elizabeth Dawn, Mariah's mom, is introduced. Many letters have been received requesting older and sexy women. This scene will verify that I listen. Elizabeth is a delight! Now here is a wow! Right out of a centerfold spread, its Venuss. Venuss is fresh and a perfect Deb. I had to shoot this myself because I couldn't get hold of a camera person; this is spontaneity at its best. One of my favorites for sure, ohh Venuss. Enjoy! Love, Ed Powers

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