Morgan Bailey 8

Released at: February 28, 2014 by Transational Fantasies
Smoking hot shemale Morgan Bailey is confronting her roommate about an issue she has. Her panties are disappearing and she found them in his room! She tells him she found him out and now she wants to know if it is her and her panties he is fascinated with or just the panties... It is her and her panties he says! He wants to know what panties she is wearing now. The only pair you left me she says! Now she wants to see what panties he is wearing. They are her cutest pair. It's her turn, she wants to show off her panties. She teases her roommate and asking him if the panties match her bra. They do and they are cute and teeny. Those panties still manage to hold in her amazing large hard cock. She finally release her tranny love pole and yummy she balls so she can please herself by stroking her tranny cock! She is so turned on she is going to masturbate in front of you. You would think that showing off her great tranny tits and her special surprise is the most amazing thing already, but she is about to give you a special bonus. She works up her she stick into a frenzy and then cums on her silky little panties for her roommie to keep! Yeah!

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