Morgan March Strip Pink Dong Fondle

Released at: January 8, 2021 by Edge Interactive
Seldom will you see a video as hot as this one. Morgan March arrives for an audition to work in the sex industry and her gangly amateur awkwardness is guided by a pair of steady hands. She takes off her shirt and skirt and stands in her bra but without any panties on The bra is removed and the photographer's able hands feel her breasts and examine her nipples. They pop up. Morgan sits back and spreads her legs?still naked and totally shaven?but doesn't quite know how to pink herself. So the photographer locks the camera off on her genitals and shows her how to pull her lips apart. She's all creamy inside cause she's getting excited. She has no trouble fitting a double dong into her snatch, and the photographer helps arouse her by vibrating her clit at the same time. She climaxes. A hand-held drildo grinds her her pleasure over the top. She climaxes more. She'll be back

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