Mr. Skin's Steamy Lesbian Scenes

Released at: October 7, 2020 by Mr. Skin
One naked babe is great but two is much better, especially when it's during a scene of lesbionic love. And Mr. Skin is counting down our favorite girl-on-girl moments in Steamy Lesbian Scenes. **Denise Richards and Neve Campbell's** pool catfight turns into moist makeout session before Denise loses her bikini top in Wild Things, Terrific T&A from **Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly** as they have a legendary lesbo lovefest in Bound, Bad girl **Angelina Jolie** rubs her naked body all over slinky blonde **Elizabeth Mitchell** as they kisses and touch every inch of each other in Gia, Topless **Laura Harring** makes sweet Sapphic love to nubile **Naomi Watts** in Mulholland Dr., Jumbo jugged **Laura Harring** gets straddled and fondled by **Naomi Watts** who flashes her much more petite pair in Mulholland Dr., **Brunette Patricia** Charbonneau explores her sexual horizons with very willing blonde **Helen Shaver** in Desert Hearts, Get a a great look at **Piper Perabo's** heaving hooters as **Jessica Paré** kisses her all the way down in Lost and Delirious, Brief bush from **Ellen Barkin** when her blonde gal-pal pulls down her panties with her teeth in Mercy, **Lisa Arturo** and Denise Faye put on a show by dishes out their danglers to suck face in American Pie 2, **Susan Sarandon** and her massive melons get seduced by the supernatural lust of **Catherine Deneuve** in The Hunger, First **Anne Heche** is on top then **Joan Chen** takes a turn, but they are both showing rack and crack as they suck face in Wild Side, **Maria de Medeiros** compares breasticles with **Brigitte Lahaie** in bed before getting down to poon polishing in Henry & June, **Erin Kelly** shows her right roundie while she and her chick chum **Diane Gaidry** have some skin-tillatingly graphic, Sapphic sex in Loving Annabelle, **Michelle Williams** gets her creamy cupcakes squeezed by **Chloe Sevigny** in If These Walls Could Talk 2, See **Sharon Stone's **chest stones as she has a lesbian mam slam with **Ellen Degeneres** in If These Walls Could Talk 2, **Pascale Bussières** has got a taste for the juices of **Rachael Crawford** and both babes bare boobage as they get down and dirty in When Night Is Falling, **Penélope Cruz comforts Charlize Theron** by covering her in kisses in Head in the Clouds, **Megan Fox** is in panties when she convinces **Amanda Seyfried** to suck face and tangle tongues in Jennifer's Body, **Sarah Michelle Gellar** teaches Selma Blair how to kiss with a wet saliva-swap in Cruel Intentions, **Brynn Tyler** plays hide the fingers with **Christine Nguyen**, and then Christine gets a tongue lashing from Brynn in Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros, **Rebecca Love** and Heather Vandeven flash every luscious inch of their full frontal as they make lesboid love in Housewives from Another World, **Susannah York **succumbs her supple suckers to the mouth of Beryl Reid in The Killing of Sister George, **Karyn Dwyer and Christina Cox** smear body paint all over their naked bodies then bump gorditas on a blank canvas in Better Than Chocolate, **Marie Allan** joins two lovelies on the bed then the three ladies take turns sucking each others exposed flesh in The Exterminating Angels, **Lise Bellynck** gets manual with **Moroussia Dubreuil** and the pair bare full bikini biscuit and butterbags while a lucky dude watches in The Exterminating Angels, **Nikki Nova** canoodles with lezbi-pal then licks whip cream out of her back crack in Alley Dogs, **Gry Bay** gets her niblets sucked then her carpet munched by her lingerie-clad friend in All About Anna, Berries and hairy from **Tera Patrick** as she lets two lovely ladies lick fruit juices out of her crevices in Andrew Blake Five Stars, Frontal and bunnage from **Cherry Moonshine** and **Ruby Larocca** as they bumps donuts in Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet, **Maria Stella** Splendore shows off her full bikini biscuit and butterbags before scissoring with her eager beaver friend in Bare Behind Bars, **Maria Stella Splendore **compares funbags with her friend on the couch then submits to some titty-sucking lesbi-moves in Bare Behind Bars, and finally Boobalas and muffin from naughty nurse **Marta Anderson** while she gives her patient a dildo injection in Bare Behind Bars.

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