My Baby Got Back 18

Released at: February 1, 2000 by Afro-Centric Productions
Do Diana Devoe Got Back? Hell Yes! She got a big round delicious ass. She gets supa-freaky with Lexington Stelle's big ol' pole...she almost choked on it. Diana is just one of the hot new sexy sistas representin' afro-centric's "My Baby Got Back 18." And what about Bronze? She's also new but she takes in the booty like an old pro, then lets Jake Steed cum all over her mouth and big full titties. Fans of Dee, watch her and Kenya (Big Natural Titties) share the hugest dick you ever saw. It was so big they couldn't make it fit...ouch!!! Then there's Feather's, another brand new dark chocolate honey with a pretty young face and a round muscular ass that sticks out like a swollen plum: Good enough to eat! What I'm sayin' is we went all out to find brand new pussy with big butter butts and a "Fuck-Me-Now" attitude. Ain't that great? That's why afro-centrics is still the absolute best in black.

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Bronze, Papoose

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