My Baby Steve

Released at: July 6, 2004 by Billie West Productions
Billie sits on her couch as she just put dinner on for her baby Steve. He should be home any minute and she has been thinking about fucking him all day long. It is after 5pm and still no Steve. Steve gives her a phone call and tells her that he will not be home for another hour. Well Billie can't wait any longer so she starts playing with her firm breasts getting her nipples nice and hard. She grabs her favorite purple vibrator and plays with her hard nipples now she is really getting excited. Off come the jeans and Billie undoes her camisole to show you her hairy wet pussy. Her lips are nice and swollen, as she wants Steve's big cock deep inside of her. She sucks on the dildo some more thinking about sucking his cock then plays with her pink pussy showing you deep inside of her. She vibrates herself to an intense orgasm then rolls over and spreads her tight asshole wide open for you hoping that Steve will first fuck her pussy then stick his big cock up her tight ass. This is a great performance from Billie and you will be one lucky guy if your name is Steve.

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