My Girlfriends Mom 2

Released at: October 15, 2018 by City Girlz
It's been about a year now that I've been fucking my girlfriends mother, we've been quite the couple fucking every chance we get , (so far un detected) ....let me explain , the annual family get-a-way to a luxury resort started out fantastic , Mom (I call her mom) and I planned on getting there a day early before everyone else and like usual we started fucking the minute we landed , she has a surprise for me, she wants my big 10 inch fat cock up her tight asshole (my girlfriend never lets me up there) as a matter of fact I have never fucked any girl in the ass before, (it's heaven guys) that tight lil bum, they we are as I am slamming home my 10 incher I CUM deep in her ass and spray the extra all over her but butt cheeks and crack..... as we're laying in bed we hear what we think is the maid, FUCK NO it's her husband (my future father in law) no fucking way can this be happening (but it is) ....he says "thought I would surprise you honey, are you surprised"........ ANAL, TABOO, BIKINI, ANAL-CUM, BIG-TITS, BIG-WHITE-COCK, CHEATING, YOUNG-MAN, OLDER-WOMAN , WIFE, HUSBAND

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