My Hotwife's First Interracial

Released at: June 2, 2015 by New Sensations - Romance Series
Some women like taking it up the ass, some women love BDSM, and then there's Riley Reid and her husband. Riley and her husband's role-playing take a whole new direction when she suggests turning a longtime fantasy for her black college professor into a reality. Nadia becomes sexually unhinged when her husband gives her permission to seduce one of her clients with an erotic massage one steamy afternoon. After a culturally conservative woman (Cindy) marries a liberal American man, her world is rocked to its core when he arranges an afternoon with her first big black cock. Hoping to satisfy his wife's (Dahlia) obsession with penis size, Logan buys her an over-sized dildo to practice on, and then arranges an in-person meeting with the man who was used as the model for it.

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