My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 34

Released at: January 9, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 (Nikky Thorne - Rachel Evans) I was tied up to the swimming pool. Rachel rubbed my entire body with oil, turned me on, when i got horny enough, she started to tickle me.. Then she knew she can do anything to me, even walk on my slippery body.. In the end she let me orgasm.. Scene 02 (Nikky Thorne - Rachel Evans) Used by Rachel Rachel wants to use me as her licking bitch, and I am not hard to convince. She places her pussy and ass over my tongue, and I let it slide gently yet firm, exploring her caves. Not hard to guess, Rachel comes over and over with my licking, but she is a bit cruel to me. I hoped for a sweet revenge, but was left unsatisfied. Scene 03 (Nikky Thorne - Brandy Smile) Bondage belly button worship We both have armpits fetish.. I love as she is drooling her saliva on my armpits and lick it off again.. She does the same to me. I cover her all body with my sweet saliva..

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