My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 41

Released at: January 30, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 "Asses of desire" Nikky Thorne - Minnie Manga It is such a hot and nice day outside, and Minnie and me come inside kissing passionately. We are both so horny. It does not take many seconds before obstacles are removed, and I have a clear shot at Minnie's ass. I start rimming her rose like crazy licking every piece of delight from her rose. Minnie give me a very horny revenge, and start licking my ass like crazy. I am coming very fast, and get even more horny after feeling her tongue penetrate my asshole. I can't resist, and I want to lick her ass even more. After having multiple orgasms both of us, it is time to go back out in the sun. Scene 02 "Foot worship" Nikky Thorne - Afina Kisser Afina Kisser is a good friend of mine, but I have a desire for her sexy feet. So after we have something to drink, I take my shot at getting my will. I undress her, and start licking and sucking her tits, before I start licking her feet with her stilettos still on. But I need more access to my desire, and I remove the stilettos. I start licking her sole from heel to toe. I feel so powerful and so ecstatic. Afina is just catering to my need, she is just my little bitch as I start licking and sucking her sweet toes. They taste so perfectly delicious. I continue to lick her feet, and start playing with a ring on her toes which I lick on and off. Feet are so delicious. Scene 03 "Lesbian tease" Nikky Thorne - Angelica Heart So you find Angelica and me sexy? You get so horny by watching us? Well dream on boy! We are really going to torture you now! Look at the sexy ass of Angelica, I bet you want to put your tongue inside and taste her! But no! This is not for you. You are not worth licking her ass or pussy! Just watch! Angelica, is such a horny girl, now she start to lick my ass and pussy as well. But no little loser you are not even getting close to beautiful and sexy girls like us! Just watch.

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