My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 64

Released at: June 11, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01: "The sweet taste of the ass" Nikky Thorne - Nesty I can't think of anything I love more than licking the sweet ass of Nesty. So whenever we meet, pants drop, and we lick each other to perfect orgasms over and over. I wanted this to be a close up so that you really can see our tongue exploring the dark holes of each other. What a horny feeling! Scene 02 "Bikini Ass Love" Nikky Thorne - Amirah Adara Amirah's ass is so sexy, and lately we have not met too often, so when we first meet, we spend the day licking each others asses until we are dead tired from orgasming. We take turns in eating each others asses in turns, and love every second of it.

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