My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 4

Released at: December 12, 2017 by Innocent High
Chloe Scott gets caught smoking by one of her teachers. After a harsh talking to, he tells her there's something much better to smoke, his dick! Chloe is eager to learn everything about dick and gets pounded all over the classroom! Bailey Brooke failed her CPR test and begged her teacher to give her another chance. He agreed but this time Bailey gave him mouth to cock resuscitation! Her teacher was shocked at first, but soon realized that her technique was the best he ever felt. Izzy Bell is stuck in detention. When the teacher falls asleep, these naughty kids come up with better ways to spend their time! First she flashes her tits and then starts sucking and fucking a student's cock right on the teacher's desk, all while he sleeps! Krystal Orchid is so nervous about playing Juliet. Her drama teacher offers to help her practice her lines by playing Romeo. Soon Krystal notices the bulge in his pants and realizes that she won't be nailing her lines tonight. She'll be getting nailed instead!

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Izzy Bell

Scene4: 01:42:22 - 02:12:49 (30:27)