My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 12

Released at: January 18, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 (Nikky Thorne - Tina Kay) "Cum eating loser cuckold" Tina Kay have an evening planned for her cuckold. It is time to make this a lifestyle for him. She have him worship her feet and stilettos, before she have her hubby coming over. She gives him a blowjob, and they start fucking, with the cuckold in close proximity to his dick. This is after all what will "feed" him in the future. Tina fuck and blow him several times, as the cuckold is always close to the action. When he is about to deliver his cum, his dick is aiming for the cuckolds mouth. When he is done, Tina suck the last drops of cum and spit it in the mouth of the cuckold. Scene 02 (Nikky Thorne) "Marriage counselor - cuckold session" A man with a problem in his marriage enters my office and explain his problem. Little does he know that his wife and I have already decided for his future. I smother him with my ass. He wake up tied to my table, as I enter the room. I explain clearly that from now, his only job is as a cuckold for his wife and me. His cock is in a chastity, so I tease him by putting his caged cock in my pussy, before I demand him to lick my cum filled pussy! When I am satisfied with his cleaning, I strap a mouth dildo on his face, and start riding it. I release him from chastity, and start jerking him with a clear message! Do not cum before me!! But he fails and cum too early, so I squeeze his dick and destroy his orgasm to a lot of discomfort. He must eat his own cum, and suck the dildo that just was in my pussy!

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Tina Kay

Scene2: 00:29:20 - 01:04:54 (35:34)