My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 7

Released at: November 17, 2018 by Nikky Thorne Productions
**Scene 1 "Gloryhole Blowjob" (Nikky Thorne - Christina Ventura)** - Nikky and Christina is visiting a sex shop, and to their surprise a dick is sticking out of a glory hole. The girls start touching and jerking the dick, before Nikky start giving it a blowjob. Christina follows, and they continue blowing the dick, until it comes in Nikky's mouth. ** Scene 2 "Grandpa Granddaughter - Family Pervert Fucking Full Version" (Melody Pleasure)** Grandpa George is wanking when his beautiful granddaughter Melody enters the room. She is jealous, because she is in love with him and wants him to fuck her and not to wank.So, she starts to give Grandpa a warm and intense blowjob and undresses and looks at him with love in her eyes.. She rides his hard cock and they go over to fuck on a couch. Grandpa really fucks hard, but suddenly her husband enters and catches his wife fucking with the Grandpa.He gets in rage for a moment but then decides to have a threesome instead of bad mood. Beautiful Melody is more than happy with this decision and starts giving both a blowjob.Then both men fuck her hard on the couch and bring Melody into fucking heaven.But this is not enough. They step over to a big bed and bang Melody doggystyle and in other positions. Grandpa shoots a big load of white sperm on Melody's breasts and she rubs the cream on her body. Her husband fucks her hard again and shoots his load in her pussy.Great scene when the white creampie drips out of the pussy. Melody is happy but done and so, both men decide to have a beer together. **Scene 3 "Fucking Karina HH" (Karina HH)** The old horny wanker walks in on Karina lying on the bed, and the horny bastard can't help start touching her horny pussy. He start fingering her, before he destroys her pussy. But he get too horny, and can't help it. He need to fuck her. So after a good blowjob from Karina, the old wanker is ready and start fucking her in different positions.

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