My Wife, The Nanny & Me

Released at: May 20, 2010 by Mile High Xtreme
This is the ultimate fantasy, two girls and only one dick. Who knew that 3somes were so much fun! These chicks are nasty, no, correction; these girls are FUCKING NASTY! Spitting, eating ass, swapping cum, anything else you can think of that any nasty girl should do, these nympho's do it, and they do so much more. Haley Paige has turned out to be one of the nastiest chicks you'll ever see on film. Don't believe it? WATCH! Fucking great when you have your wife, the nanny and you all fucking!

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Scene1: 00:01:44 - 00:21:40 (19:56)

Scene2: 00:21:41 - 00:56:38 (34:57)

Scene3: 00:56:40 - 01:22:58 (26:18)

Scene4: 01:23:00 - 01:41:00 (18:00)

Scene5: 01:41:01 - 01:59:12 (18:11)