Nadia And Velora Shrink And Eat You

Released at: October 6, 2017 by After Dark with Nadia White
You're really keen on making the school year all about you and not about learning. It's the second week and you're already not taking class seriously. Finally, your history teachers, Valora and Nadia White, have had enough of your behavior and call you to the front of the class room. As they're lecturing you, you start to check out their bodies. They get really mad and decide to discipline you the only way they've found effective. You start to get lower and lower to the ground as your teachers get taller and taller. You start to feel a new sense of fear as Valora and Nadia start stomping on you with their high heel shoes. You try to run, but they block you in. Each time you realize that escape is no longer an option. Each teacher takes her turn taunting you with her nails, giant hands, and loud stomps from her heels. You're squished repeatedly while they humiliate you. To make sure you don't tell anyone what happened to you, Nadia decides to hold you in her permanent detention; her stomach! She chews you up and swallows you whole. We see the two teachers continuing their lesson with a now terrified classroom. You're still kicking and screaming so Nadia runs off to scold you with coffee.

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