Naked Asian Maid Vol. 2

Released at: August 2, 2021 by Sidney Beach
I'm busy with work and don't have time to cook my own chores. That's why I'm asking for a dispatch-type housekeeper. The housekeeper who came today is Casalin. She has a very sexy figure, Casalin. She took off her clothes as soon as she said she wanted me to look naked. Casalin changed into a white uniform. She opened the door of my house, came into her house, and greeted her. And to my surprise, he slowly took off his white uniform. She asked her why she undressed. She replied that this is a service of my company. I have Casalin clean my house. She first brought an electric vacuum cleaner. She uses an electric vacuum cleaner very carefully to suck up any dirt or dust that has fallen on the floor. This work is exactly what a normal housekeeper does, but the only difference is that Casalin is naked. Next, Casalin put water in the bucket. Then I put her rag in a bucket and let it soak in water. And she wiped the table clean with her rag. Next to the table, he wiped the walls clean. And he wiped the chair clean. And he wiped the windows and floor clean. Of course, he wiped it naked. Finally, Casalin cooked dinner. Casalin's specialty is fried rice. The fried rice she cooks is really delicious. She told me that if she cooks naked, she can cook very good food. I couldn't believe it was true, but she actually ate her fried rice, which she cooked naked, and it was very delicious.

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