Naked Butts Boarding School (French)

Released at: June 2, 2015 by Alpha-France
A day in the life of a feminine college, filled with the usual perversions that warm the hearts of the pupils, their parents and the school workers. Humorously erotic and full of good ideas, the movies is directed by Francis Leroi (who later went on to helm a "soft" Emanuelle series) with a kindly libertine mood that makes really pleasurable its vision. Leroi create, with its bouncing editorial style, a complex picture that gives life-like reality to his brilliantly conceived screenplay; and with the help of a good cast, containing some true beautiful porn actresses (Dominique Saint-Clair; Julia Perrin), he just made one of the most interesting porn movies coming from the famed French distribution label Alpha-France.In the libertarian world of FRANCIS LEROI, where sexual delusions and wildest fantasies become reality, this cult film sublime the gender. Signed JIM CLACK (pseudonym used by FRANCIS LEROI to all his S&M works) this triumph of perversity, very representative of the liberalism of the time, has attracted a record number of spectators when it released September 10th, 1980 in ALPHA-FRANCE theaters. **This title is a previously released item** **This title ships on a DVD-R format disc. Please note, some DVD players may not be able to play this format. Please make sure your DVD player is compatible with this format before purchasing this title.**

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