Naked Chicks in Music Videos

Released at: March 25, 2019 by Mr. Skin
As more and more musicians are making videos without worrying about having to show them on MTV, the censorship has gotten lax to the point where there's now more nudity in music videos than ever before! Mr. Skin is offering up a salute to the breast and brightest who have bared their bods in music videos! These babes are sure to make more than your body rock! **Laura Shields ** and **Felicia Porter** are both topless and dancing in Tunnel Vision, baring their beautiful breasts several times! **Emily Ratajkowski**, **Elle Evans**, and **Jessi M'Bengue** are wearing see-through panties and not much else as they shake their moneymakers for Robin Thicke and Pharrell in Blurred Lines! **Miley Cyrus** licks a sledgehammer, bares left boob while riding a wrecking ball, and writhes on broken stone. In the video for Pussy, **Mayoli Sena Rodriguez** is covered in baby oil, pulling down her thong to reveal her butt and fingering herself over her undies! **Kim Kardashian** rides on Kanye's crotch rocket, very briefly slipping a nip in Bound 2! **Colette Stone** , **Nicole Guibord** , and**Lauren Powers**all go fantastically full frontal in the freaky music video Body & Blood! **Leanne Macomber**gets fully nude and writhes on the floor, showing off every square inch of her naked body in the strangely sexy music video Eleanor Lye! **Megumi Sabik**and **Ariel Beesley** bust out the boobs to heat up the Baby & Glued to You music video. In La Cara Infinita, ** Margaret Cho**is very nude at some sort of weird church ceremony, showing off her fantastic fun bags! ** Florence Welch**briefly shows her suck sacks while getting screwed by some dude in What Kind of Man. Watch some very flexible interpretative dance from **Denna Thomsen**before she lets ** Shia LaBeouf**fondle her naked sweater pups in Fjögur píanó Video. Catch a hint of upper coin slot crack and a right-side nip slip when ** Heidi Klum**cavorts with ex-husband Seal in Secret! ** Taylor Swift**looks lovely in leather in Bad Blood! ** Lady Gaga** lives for the Applause, and we live for the hints of skin! ** Beyonce** bares her bountiful be-thonged booty in Partition! The camera stays level with ** Xenia Deli's** thong-clad cheeks as she struts down the stairs. Then, at the bottom, she whips off her top to show us the Deli dumplings in Thinking About You! ** Amanda Palmer** shows front in Want It Back! ** Ms. Palmer** lies naked on the bed as stop animated black ink covers her body. ** Rihanna** reveals lots of cleavage as she gets ready to Pour it Up! ** Alicia Rio's** bare bling-blings shakin' in a hot tub during the music video A Gangsta's Life Ain't Fun from the comedy film Fear of a Black Hat! ** Madonna** gets sensual in the controversial Justify My Love video! ** Nicki Minaj** schools us in anatomy by slipping a nip out of her lingerie, and later bares bodacious butt in the Jacuzzi in High School! In a possible tribute to bukkake, ** Nayrok Badu** rubs some creamy goo all over her super stacked physique, including a close-up of her lower lippage in The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face! Up from the oil comes a bubblin' boob! ** Jenia Corpus** boob to be exact in Slayer--Beauty Through Order! Eminem gawks through the peephole as ** Gina Lynn** whips off her bra and shakes her maracas in the Superman video! ** Shakira** shakes her seat meat in the She Wolf video! ** Jessica Biel** sports sexy bondage gear and shows plenty of cleavage in Fly Away From Here! ** Britney Spears** is totally nude, but creative limb placement prevents us from seeing anything, in Womanizer! ** Mariah Carey's** casabas captivate in a skimpy bikini in I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time! ** Julia Volkovabares** a bit of breasts in the rain in Beliy Plaschik! ** Gwen Stefani** creatively uses bubbles in the bath to cover up her suck sacks in 4 in the Morning! ** Janet Jackson** shows LOTS of cleavage in the Call on Me video! ** Christina's** giant fake fun bags can barely stay in her bikini in Dirrty! In ** Mylène Farmer** Music Videos II & III, ** Mylène** shows some fleeting full-frontal from afar, a pretty nice ass shot, then she's covered in blood again! ** Noomi Rapace** goes wild for the Rolling Stones' Doom & Gloom, showing off her dragon tat-tatas!

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