Naked Sexes

Released at: October 24, 2018 by Peekarama
  • Studio: Peekarama
  • Duration: 00:08:00
  • Production year: 1970
  • Scene count: 1
  • Cast:
Sex soaked short unfold in skin realism color: NAKED SEXES. The home video debut of the title, which has been restored in 2K from its original 35mm camera negative! NAKED SEXES pits four topless women and three g-string wearing muscle men literally giggling at each other for 8 minutes. There's no sexual interaction between the opposite sexes just a weird face-off of laughing bursts as the men flex everything from their butt cheeks to their pecs. The short comes off quite hilarious at times but quickly runs out of gas as the constant laughing will drive you insane.

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