Naked Singers

Released at: June 3, 2019 by Mr. Skin
There's something alluring about a woman who can make magic happen just by opening her mouth--and the way they grip a microphone doesn't hurt either. So grab your instrument and get ready to play backup to the sexy songbirds on Mr. Skin's Naked Singers playlist: Kicking things off is ultimate sex symbol **Madonna**, who exposes her pretty pair while petting her pussy in a scene from the thriller Body of Evidence (1993). Next, hot Aussie **Kylie Minogue** bares her twin talents in bed with a guy in The Delinquents (1989), punk princess **Pink** gets her nipple pierced backstage in a clip from Pink: Live in Europe (2004), gorgeous Blondie front woman **Debbie Harry** practices some edge play with James Woods in a kinky scene from Videodrome (1983), **Samantha Fox** shows off all-natural T&A over some canned Casio beats in Samantha Fox: Calendar Girl (1997), nice Jewish girl **Barbara Streisand** bares her knishes in a rare nude scene from The Owl and the Pussycat (1970). Alt-rock queen **Alanis Morissette** shows, umm, poise and grace peeing into a cup backstage in Alanis Morissette: We're With the Band (2004). Next drrrrrrrrty girl **Christina Aguilera** shows off her hot mid-2000's bod posing nude in Diary (2000-2004), **Willa Ford** Mam-onstrates the twin talents on her chest as her plump middle-aged lover undresses in Impulse (2008), **Foxy Brown** struts so hard on stage her tit falls out of her top in Jay-Z: Fade to Black (2004),and the exquisitely poised **Marianne Faithfull** gives us sticky fingers by baring full frontal and fanny before slipping into a leather catsuit in Girl on a Motorcycle (1968). After that, even Diana Ross can't resist giving **Lil' Kim's** exposed orb a jiggle as captured in VH1's 100 greatest Red Carpet Moments, **Avril Lavigne** pulls down her skater pants to shows her crack to an assembled crowd on the Much Music Video Awards, **Apollonia** exposes her royal jewels skinny-dipping in a clip from Purple Rain (1984),and her fellow Prince protege **Vanity** takes it all- and we do mean all- off for a full-frontal exposure during the opening credits of Tanya's Island (1980). Finally, **Jewel** whips out her folkie fun bag to feed a hungry baby in Ride With the Devil (1999), statuesque stunner **Grace Jones** bares every inch canoodling with bed with a dude in Deadly Vengeance (1981). **Courtney Love** shows off everything but her Hole posing in panties in The People Vs. Larry Flynt (1996), **Bif Naked** lives up to her moniker skinny dipping in Lunch with Charles (2001), **Michelle Phillips** exposes her Mamas and her Papa in a nice long scene from Valentino (1977), **Diana Ross's** Pointer Sisters get a brief bit of screen time as she changes clothes in Mahogany (1975), redhead **Vitamin C** gives us a taste of her Vitamin Bs in Dracula 2000 (2000), and finally **Wendy O. Williams** is tough as nails showing off her ta-tas in the WIP flick Reform School Girls (1986). Talk about leaving on a high note!

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