Naked Yoga Life Vol. 2

Released at: December 15, 2020 by Adult Time
Yoga is a practice that liberates millions of people around the world. One of the most liberating forms of yoga is naked yoga: a completely nude workout where you shed all negativity around your body, and allow yourself to become more open and accepting. Women find this practice especially healing, as part of their daily fitness routine and as a way to connect with their true naked self. This series offers fully nude, relaxing yoga sessions for anyone who wants to follow along in this act of self-love or simply to appreciate the female body in its purest form.

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Scene1: 00:00:15 - 00:22:54 (22:39)

Scene2: 00:23:00 - 00:55:44 (32:44)

Scene3: 00:55:50 - 01:27:20 (31:30)

Scene4: 01:27:25 - 02:00:08 (32:43)


Siri Dahl