Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 5

Released at: December 10, 2002 by Digital Playground
Mitch Spinelli's documentary-esque series featuring REAL porn stars and REAL cab drivers that drive around L.A. The cabbie is a very lucky man tonight when he picks up Avalon and Dalia who have hot lesbian sex in and on the cab. Raquel Devine gets into the cab and says she needs to unwind by getting laid. She's very horny and plays with herself for Gino before she gets fucked in the cab by JJ Michaels while Gino cheers them on. In the last scene, Mark Wood is driving a cab when he picks up Anita Cannibal fresh from work. She flirts with him from the backseat before moving up to the front seat to give him head. He drives her home and then he drives it home before letting go all over her big tits.

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Scene1: 00:00:51 - 00:28:23 (27:32)


Avalon, Dalia

Scene2: 00:28:24 - 00:52:50 (24:26)

Scene3: 00:53:11 - 01:18:57 (25:46)