NaughtyAllie - Just A Little Bit Naughty

Released at: April 12, 2014 by NaughtyAllie
It's always better when a bunch of friends get together for a good time, whether it's night or day time! Because who knows who better than a best friend, right?! "So of course this was some incredible fucking sex! Jake and I hooked up with this hot couple from Southern California. Staci and Ira must spend a lot of time at the gym because they both have some incredibly tight bodies. Ira and Jake were taking photos and video of Staci and I playing together when we pulled Jake into the bed. Ira kept filming and before we knew it we had all taken a turn running the camera while the other three went at it every which way. Oh, let me just say that Ira has the biggest fucking cock..." -- Naughty Allie

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