Nicky Ferrari

Released at: November 5, 2014 by Rodney Moore Clips
Hot international executive Nicky Ferrari is working while Rodney the cleaning guy comes around. She says hello and Rodney tells her today is his last day and he has worked there for 25 years. He goes on to tell her that seeing her amazing huge boobs would send him off a happy man. Today is his lucky day, because she is feeling very very horny. She takes off her top to reveal those boobs Rodney has been wanting to see. Then somehow she has her spicy latin lips all over his big cock. She is a nasty little exec because she quickly lets Rodney's cock in her very wet pussy. She is definitely a latin spitfire and spits all over his cock creating a sloppy mess with her pussy juice and her spit all mixed up. Rodney can't believe it and smacks her luscious latin booty while she cowgirls and reverse cowgirls him. She rides him for all he is worth just like the greedy executive she is! She wants it all even when it comes to his cum! She wants it all over her face. Rodney decorates her pretty face with tons of cum and then retires from his cleaning job a happy man!

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