Night Queen

Released at: July 7, 2009 by Asian SM
This Asian femdom movie starts outdoors with a mistress performing an enema on her male slave. She then lights two candles and covers his ass with hot wax. Ouch! What will she do next? Next, the slave is bound and suspended upside down while his mistress plays with flames dangerously close to his body. The next scene finds the mistress and her slave indoors for more femdom including bondage, whipping, needles and anal play.

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Scene1: 00:00:36 - 00:06:08 (5:32)

Scene2: 00:06:08 - 00:12:22 (6:14)

Scene3: 00:12:22 - 00:26:38 (14:16)

Scene4: 00:26:38 - 00:37:40 (11:02)