Nineteen Video Magazine 28

Released at: February 17, 2019 by Dane Productions
THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG JIM POWERS 2 Mariah Wind / Simon Templer Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, their heroic youth is well chronicled... Pornography has it's heroes also. One of our most respected heroes was young once too. His adventures continue... THE COMPUTER Jezaree / Robbie James He needed a computer for school. His dad told him to go to work for it. When he found one in the garbage, he didn't relize he had stumbled onto the find of the century... THE BET Julie Meadows / Roy L. Shaft She couldn't stand her friends insufferable bragging about her boyfriend so she bet her friend that she could seduce her boyfriend. Her friend didn't relize that all men are beasts, with one desire overpowering all others - schoolgirl pussy! STOLEN PANTIES Jayne / Juliana Sterling That dirty bitch... when is she going to learn not to mess with my stuff. She was actually wearing my panties... my fucking panties, Oh, is she going to pay... that fucking bitch!!!

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