Nineteen Video Magazine 47

Released at: November 21, 2002 by Dane Productions
**Vig 2** (Jessie J / Mr. Marcus) The mob... a debt... the Vig. Jessie J. plays the daughter of a poor schmoe who owes the mob. She attempts to pay ff the debt with her tuition money, but finds that there isn't enough... Like I said before, teener pussy is a valuable commodity that pays off any and all debts. **Gladiator** (Monica Sweetheart / Hershel Savage) A college co-ed cramming for a Roman History exam falls asleep and gets a lesson in Roman carnal delights. **Scary Movie** (Innocence Licks / Paris) Two girls spending a weekend together find out the horrors of an intruder who drives them into each others arms to discover the erotic and sexual joys of their young female flesh. This is Paris' first time with a girl ever. **Ghost Story** (Andrea / Chuck Martino) A runaway discovers that a husband whose wife is gone may have been killed by her spouse, who comes off as a nice guy but in reality is a homicidal maniac.

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Jessie J.

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