No Contract Signed

Released at: April 28, 2021 by Only3x
In this scene, we start with a game of pool. A 40-50 something lad plays alone. Next to the pool table is our star of the day - Aila Donovan. She looks healthy, tanned, and charismatic. Super confident dress suggest she is a business woman of sorts. That almost MILF like godess is a bit pushy about some contract they need to sign. She suggest to our snooker player friend that she is there to sign that contract, and not interested in some old bloke playing a game. We shall be professionals, and get to the business - she suggest. Our bloke tend to disagree with that, as he is not into being pushed at all. He keeps trying, as he really wants something more from this hot chick. She resists so far, even when he is positioning himself close to her face. Body and literal communication says, that she is really not into this messing around. She also drops the final words. She playes the husband card, claiming that they are newly weds and in love for real. Yeah, let's see about that... He does not seem to care about the husband. "It's new, fresh, and I love him" she says. We can start feeling the scent of sedusction in the air... She keeps rejecting him, but after a while, just so they can get on with their day. During the time the guy goes out to get some beverage to enjoy together, she secretly opens his briefcase. What she sees inside really fascinates her, and immediately changes her attitude toward that guy. When he comes back, she starts to seduce him. The contract been forgotten already, and in a blink of an eye, everything changes. They found themselves on top of the king size in the bedroom almost instantly. She dresses down so quickly, that you almost forget how she disliked this guy just minutes ago. She seems very aroused and horny. What happened to that recently mentioned husband, who she loves? What happened to quick dealmaking and signing of contract? Well, the content of that briefcase, and seemingly nothing else, changed the priorities of this lady for sure. Her top gets to go first. As a result, her tits being licked within seconds also. And she has some petite, very small tits to enjoy. A kind of it's own! Removal of the panty reveals a well maintained, super shaved and juicy looking pussy. Looks very tight and definetely enjoyable! Our guy starts to lick it hard. He stimulates the clit so it's get very big and aroused. This gives some extra pleasure to Aila, as you can hear from her loud moans. But this has to be mutual, afterall SHE is after HIS whatever in the briefcase, right? To that briefcase (and it's content) the road is through the pants of this guy and his huge cock. She works that dick well. And because of that, from being a bit sloppy it gets big and erected. Ready for some action for sure... Saliva moist and suction does the trick really, and they start to have real sex in cowgirl position. Because of the saliva treatment, that cock slips in super easy. No suprise there as she was already super wet. That tight looking, fit and worked out body moves on his dong quite perfectly . Deep penetration is visible upclose, what we always prefer and like to see in a scene. Next positure is reverse cowgirl. In that view, her pretty shaped asshole gets revealed. Jumping up and down high paced made his cock even harder. Grabbing and gaping that ass just makes the whole experience more fantastic. It is evident now, that whatever her end game is - she works for it really hard. You can feel, that she really wants this bloke to enjoy that experience with her. Also a provisioned reward would be nice. He grabs her and puts her down next to him. Because of this a layed down penetration from side can happen. That is probably not for her best liking, as she quickly changes into doggystyle and encourages a from behind penetration by pushing her buttocks towards him. He starts to lick that ass, and continue to fuck that pussy. The end is near, we feel it, drops of sweat and other bodily juices are all around the place and the sheet. He wants to finish her off in missionary pose. Hard to resist, we can tell, but he ends up with a lod of cum on her face and a lot of jizz arrived on her perfect teeth as well. Even that great looking hair of hers got some. We failed to learn what happened to the content of the briefcase at the end. Was it really gold as it was suggested? But if this is what it takes to get a hottie to bed that easy... We will definetely keep in mind to put out a case with some valuables, casually, so accidentaly someone will notice

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