No Strings Attached 2

Released at: February 15, 2022 by Love Her Feet
My parents were out of town so I was home alone. While browsing on Tinder I got a message from this guy. He looked hot from his pictures and he was cute through our texts so since I'm always horny I figured just why not? So I invited him over. While waiting for him, I changed into a sexy deep red lingerie. He arrived soon after changing. He stepped in the doorway and after some quick small talk, we started making out. It was so hot knowing that he is just some hot stranger. Before I knew it, he was playing with my pussy and made me soaking wet. He kissed my silky legs and started to remove my shoes. First I didn't understand what he wanted but when he started licking and sucking my toes I got really turned on. Nobody ever worshiped my feet before. It was so hot! He ate my pussy and fucked me so hard all over the kitchen and the living room. At the end he came all over my sexy soft soles. Watching his thick cum dripping off my feet almost made me horny all over again. I'll probably hook up with him again...or maybe with another guy who has a foot fetish... My new boyfriend is 12 years my senior and he loves to play kinky games; which I love too. One day, he told me to be at his loft at 4pm. He also told me to go the mirror in the middle of the room, undress, and put on the lingerie and heels that I'd find there. I walked up the stairs knowing this would be another play on some kinky game. But I did as he asked of me and I was super aroused. He came into the room, dressed sharply, and started to kiss my long silky legs. Slowly he removed my shoes and began to lick and suck on my toes. Oh my god! It felt so good. He continued to lick my soles and all over my soft feet. He took his cock out and slid it into my soaking wet pussy. I came all over his hard cock immediately and kept cumming as he fucked me while sucking and licking my shiny pink pedicured toes. At the end, I held up my feet for him and he jerked his cock to them and came all over my sweet feet. It was so hot I keep thinking about it when I masturbate. Can't wait to see what he will order me to do next... It's Valentine's Day and I want to surprise my boyfriend Bill with my new and beautiful red lingerie set to match my luscious red hair. I barely made it home in time. I ran to the bedroom to change into my lingerie and managed to throw some rose petals on the stairs leading him my way. He arrived a few minutes later with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. It was so romantic, we couldn't wait any longer to make love. He removed my red heels and started sucking on my sweet toes one by one and then put my whole foot in his mouth. I love when he does that. It makes my pussy dripping wet. He drives me crazy when he plays with my feet and soft soles. I get so turned on, he always fucks me so good. I love him, it was the perfect fuck for Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I moved to a new apartment. One day, while coming home from shopping, I met this nice french guy who lives a few doors down. As I walked to my door, I realized I locked myself out. My boyfriend was in a meeting at the time so I knew he wouldn't pick up if I called him for help. Even if he did, there was nothing he could do until he got home. So instead of waiting by the door, I decided to knock on the French guy's door. He was very nice and invited me in. We sat on his couch and started chit chatting. He asked what was I shopping for so I showed him the new heels I had just bought...I even tried them on for him. He said my feet look so incredibly sexy in them. He put my feet on his lap to take a closer look. He even offered to give me a foot massage which I gladly accepted; after walking in the mall for hours, how could I say no?! He did an amazing job with the massage, and as we got more comfortable with each other, I realized he had other plans. I found the situation erotically exciting so I let him play with my feet. He began to suck on my toes one by one...which felt amazing. I slowly slid my hand on his crotch and found his cock to be rock hard. I took it out of his pants and sucked it while making sure he could see my wrinkled soles perched above my sexy Latina ass. I took my clothes off and rode him until I came all over his hard cock. He fucked my juicy pussy so good while sucking on my sweet lollipop toes. I don't even remember how many times I came before he busted his huge load all over my white pedicured toes. So far, living in this building has a lot of promise...I definitely want to meet the other neighbors.

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