Nude Secretaries

Released at: September 9, 2019 by Mr. Skin
Call them administrative professionals or secretaries; Mr. Skin has a feeling these naughty note-takers don't mind. When you see these Nude Secretaries bend over and take dictation, you're the one that's going to get a raise! **Rachel Miner** gets reprimanded when her boss yanks up her skirt and spanks her bare cheeks in Californication, See a side-angle shot of **Maggie Gyllenhaal**'s sweet ass as she strips off her undies for a Spader-spankin' in Secretary, **Rochelle Swanson** on walks into an office, promptly gets naked, and begins to seduce a guy in Mutual Needs, See rack, back, and every bit of **Leslie Harter Zemeckis**'s body as she gives it up in this nice long office sex scene in Life of a Gigolo, **Kira Reed** whips off her bra to expose her McRiblets for the camera in The Mistress Club, **Julie McNiven** wakes up topless after a night of partying, but manages to keep her teat tips strategically covered in Mad Men, Cop **Nikki Fritz** pulls out her badges in a raunchy group sex scene in Fast Lane to Malibu, **Debra K. Beatty** flashes her funbags to a dude in Hollywood Dreams, **Kris Andre** is in only a thong and stockings, giving a guy a grindalicious lapdance in the office in The Mistress Club, **Tracy Dali** shows of her plastique palookas while getting bonked in an office in Kissing a Dream, **Venus** shows all she's got on the desk in the office, taking "dick-tation" from a lucky dude in The Awakening of Gabriella, **Gwyneth Paltrow** plays secretary Pepper Potts in Iron Man, but she lets both Romeo and Juliet out for a Shakesperean schtup romp in Shakespeare in Love, See buns and breasts from **Gwyneth Paltrow** riding her hubby on a couch in Sylvia, **Jessica Hinton** is in a black bikini and inadvertantly shows right nip in the pool in Sexcretaries, **Jamie Sweet** bares boobs and bush while having sex on the porch in Sexcretaries, **Naomi Watts** lets her boss slip a hand up her tight vinyl skirt in Undertaking Betty, **Lee Meredith** shakes her succulent stuff in a bursting black bra in The Producers, **Amy Locane** shows off her best assets in a pink bikini by the pool in Secretary, **Mimi Craven** gets naked in the office and shows off dapper flappers in Dream On, **Regina Russell** shows her 'gina and big ol' bouncy boobs for a long office sex scene in Scandal: Lawful Entry, **Sophie Ngan** and her man stay late at the office to get some serious humping work done in Sex and the Central, Full frontal fun as jiggly **Julia Kruis** and her man enjoy some rear-entry action in an office in Scandalous Sex, **Michelle Agnew** gives a guy a lapdance at his desk for his birthday while his co-workers look on in Borrowed Life Stolen Love, **Kathleen Kinmont** peels out of her bra and panties to bare her bombers and bum-cakes during a slick, Skinemaxical office sex scene on a desk in The Corporate Ladder, Get a load of a beautifully bouncing butt as **Lisa Barbuscia** seduces Jeff Fahey in his office in Serpent's Lair, **Carol Cummings** shows sweet seat-meat while falling off an office desk in Psycho Cop Returns, **Simonetta Stefanelli** doffs her duds to break out the buns, and her man spies through the window as an oldie gives her equally naked boobs a nice grope in Non commettere atti impuri, **Jill Tompkins** sways the jury foreman with her ample rackage and slight hint of snatch in Scandal: Lawful Entry, **Shari Eckert** exposes her rock-solid torpedoes and a silky thong in an office in Kissing a Dream, **Dana Bentley** opens up her top and shows off her gorgeous all-natural knockers to a guy in Bad Girls from Mars, **Crista Black** doffs her bra and allows her man to fondle her fab funbags in the office in Sexcretaries.

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