Obsession - Grenzenlos Schwanzgeil

Released at: April 24, 2014 by GMV Media
Domination, spankings, and gang-bangs...oh my!!! These are just some of the sadistic sexual acts these two subs endure when lusts without limits drives them into a sexual frenzy! Scene one features more humiliation, hot wax play and spankings than you can shake a dick at. And a good thing too, because she's got more cock than she can handle in a no holds barred gang-bang for being the obedient sub that she is! Scene two features a voluptuous, blonde beauty getting bound, spanked, sucked and fucked before she gets copious amounts of man-goo all over her tits as a reward for a job well done!

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:35:25 (35:24)

Scene2: 00:36:41 - 01:17:04 (40:23)