Oh Those Lovin' Spoonfuls 55 - All About Asians!

Released at: September 2, 2011 by Ed Powers Productions
It's an Asian invasion! Lovely Japanese beauty Fujiko Kano knows what she likes. We explore the world of anal sex. She told me I wasn't such a pain in the ass! Sexy Kimmy Kann is more than "Mabutay". She is a tasty Filipina dish! I couldn't let the lovely China Doll get away...she also experiences the joys of anal sex! I've dug up a "lost episode" from the files of the Orgasm Maker with Kianna Thai. It's hot! Please enjoy! Love, Ed Powers

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Scene1: 00:02:30 - 00:43:50 (41:20)


Ed Powers

Scene2: 00:43:59 - 01:07:25 (23:26)

Scene3: 01:07:35 - 01:26:47 (19:12)

Scene4: 01:26:53 - 01:57:40 (30:47)


China Doll