Old Man Gets His Wish

Released at: June 14, 2019 by Desert Wind Studios
The old guy shoots a video with a hot 37-year-old and a very cute 19-year-old. The young one was shooting her very first girl/girl video and only her second video ever. It opens with some very hot kissing, Dasha the older girl can not get enough of little Laylah's lips and tongue. Then Dasha goes town on that 19-year-old pussy. It is too much for the 86 year old guy, off comes his pants and he gets to girls to suck on his soft, tiny cock. They don't care, they just want to make the old guy happy so they can get back to licking pussy. The old man gets to lick some pussy too so it is a win-win for everyone. He even gets to 69 one of the girls, he is a happy camper. After the girls cum a couple of times, he oils up the 19-year-old ass and rubs his cock between her asscheeks and shoot a tiny load on her sweet ass.

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