Old Time Lesbians

Released at: June 30, 2014 by 7th Street Media
Old Time Lesbians goes to show, once a carpet muncher ALWAYS a carpet muncher, and these grandmas are proud of it! Scene one opens up with two horny old bags at the bar who can't even wait for their first drink before ripping each other's panties off and finger fucking away. Next, we find ourselves in a classroom where sex education is the topic and Gwen, a cute little schoolgirl, is about to get a sensual lesson from her teacher that she'll never forget. We end with one of the best old lady sloppy threesomes your imagination can come up with!

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Scene2: 00:19:24 - 00:41:39 (22:15)



Scene3: 00:41:43 - 01:08:17 (26:34)