Older Ladies Get Crazy! Part 1

Released at: January 17, 2005 by GM Video
You've got to love 'em...we sure do! Throughout the years GM Video has come across countless older babes having way too much fun exposing themselves in public. This video is dedicated to all of the sexy older gals, a lot of times a lot crazier than their younger counterparts. Many are much more willing and even braver to show it, flaunt it and use it all! This video showcases many events, public and private. Total nudity and sexual situations. See why GM not only pioneered the reality porn genre and stands on top when it comes to amateur actions as well. Nobody gets you into the action like GM Video! Public sex we love it!

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Scene3: 00:20:25 - 00:37:12 (16:47)

Scene4: 00:38:24 - 00:53:11 (14:47)

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