Older Man Fantasy

Released at: November 26, 2021 by Touch My Wife Clips
My innocent young wife Leana is perfect. Petite, perky tits & a great ass! She is super shy and so when I prodded her for her sexual fantasy I was pretty surprised when she started talking about me watching her fuck another guy. And an older one in particular. Well that escalated quickly! You'd never guess she's so perverted to look at her, but all dolled up in lingerie & glasses she does make a fine specimen. She was totally nervous when Rich, the older stud, walked in. She gasped as he ate her young pussy. She couldn't stop marvelling at this older guy's massive cock as she jerked it & sucked him off. The old dude fucked my young wife every which way with his big dick, she was overwhelemed but I think she came out of her shell. She definitely had a lot of orgasms. She sucked his balls until he came her in her mouth. I have mixed feelings because she was supposed to be shy but now she likes fucking old guys with big cocks. Whatever, it was fucking hot.

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