Olivia Rose - Shadowplayers Punishment Sessions

Released at: May 24, 2015 by Shadowplayers
Sexy Olivia Rose is one blonde bombshell who seems to be up for anything. She gets the party started with a seductive strip tease for your enjoyment before she gags and oils herself up to pummel her own pussy with a huge steel dildo! After she cums, Olivia is subjected to a full range of bondage and discipline. Shackled with steel restraints to a frame, gagged with a harness ring gag, and pushed to her limits with weights hanging from her pierced and ringed nipples, Olivia is well fucked in the ass by a fucking machine with a clear acrylic dildo. While bound standing, she has to endure painful spikes on the soles of her feet. Olivia endures a caning while the weights still hang from her tits and her mouth is ball gagged! Next, she gets a heavy flogging on her tits and shaved pussy while bound to a metal bondage chair. Her nose ring is tied, pulled up and attached to the chair to make her struggle more difficult. She's even stuffed in a cage while she's vibed to orgasm to learn a lesson in pleasure and humiliation...once again with an attached nose ring, a ring gag and nipple weights. A wet and juicy ending wraps up the session. Bonus clips include a Christmas caning, posing for nude stills, foot fetish shots, and some squirting!

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