Omega 40+

Released at: September 3, 2011 by 97% Amateurs
Omega is a 40 something petite brunette with enhanced C cups. Introduces herself Then slides her bra down, then flips it inside out. A close look at her nipples. Undoes the bra & poses with it. Wiggles her right boob with the bra strap then slides the strap over the nipple. Tosses the bra in slow motion. Boob juggling. Same in slow motion. Pushes her boobs tight together. Jumping for a boob bounce. Same in slow motion. Nipple flicking in slow motion. Double nipple flicking in slow motion. Boob choke & wiggle both sides. Nipple pulling. Pulls & releases a few times. Jumping Jacks! Same in slow motion. On her hands & knees with the boobs hanging. No wiggle here except for her butt. But it is a nice profile in the hang! Side view of Omega with her butt int he air. Pushes her boobs to the floor. Raises her left shoulder to show both boobs at the same time. We measure her nipples... About 1.5 inches. She gets out of her pants. Down to the panties. Butt view. Spanks her butt. Wiggles her butt cheeks. Pulls the panties forward & we see the first view of a perfectly shaved pussy. Panties pulled further down. No inner lips showing, Panties now 6-8 inches down & we take a nice low angle view. Turns around with the butt towards us with a lean forward for a different pussy view. Drops the panties to the floor. Now 100% naked. Spreads the legs apart & she makes a slow squat tot eh ground. We zoom in on the pussy to see the inner lips now revealed. An overhead view of her face, boobs & then down to her pussy. She sits with her apart on the floor. Flat on her back we look at a very trim belly & a lovely pubic mound from the side. A body scan from head to toe. Legs raised up & then knees to her chest. A great ass & pussy view. We walk around her. Legs spread into a V. Various pussy views. A camera journey between her legs. Then flat on her back again. Pushes her outer pussy lips together & wiggles her pussy side to side. Spreads her pussy apart & we see that it is smaller with cute little inner lips. Several spreads & releases of her pussy lips. Same in slow motion. Another spread with the emphasis on seeing the lit. Clit close up. Our Bat Wings pose. Flaps her outer lips. Then we see the same from straight on. Pulls & releases her oust lips again. We toss Omega a metallic red party dress which happens to be a perfect fit for her (she took it home) Very shiny. She turns around Bends forward, pops both boob out of the dress. Undresses & is 100% naked again. A nice full frontal pussy view as she does this. Slow motion jumping jacks with the camera focused on the pussy. Same at regular speed. Nipple pulling while on her back. Pulls & release. We use the small vacuum attachment for a more mechanized nipple pull. Pulls up till the breast falls off the cup. Bounces her boob up & down. Our manual breast pump in action for a different effect. Some slow motion of this. Slow motion nipple flicking while on her back. Omega finds a cute very curved dildo which she proceeds to play with. Dildo play for the next 5 or so minutes, Another 90 seconds of diddle action with twisting & turning. Ends with a slow motion removal. On her hands & knees we zoom in on her pussy. Ass & pussy views. Ass in the air side view. Omega wraps herself up in a hot pink sheer & lets it fall off her body in slow motion. Side view of her on all fours. Turns to have the butt facing us. Lowers her upper body & gives us a legs far apart view with the pussy somewhat spread. Pussy close up. Ends with a zoom in on her belly button.

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