On the Mark Strapped On!

Released at: May 18, 2011 by On The Mark Productions
Buckle up for a seriously intense ride! That's right, gentlemen, these ladies are ready to rock your socks with some nasty strap on action. Once that dildo gets wet it's in, and the real girl on girl humping begins! Gina and Klea give us a seriously sexy scene when the strap on comes out. You've seen hip rocking action before, but we'll match this scene with the best out there. Then Donna and Leidy fire things up with a session of their own. You have to see what happens when these two get going with the dong. Eufrat and Kety are also up for some action, and they keep it pounding with a heart throbbing orgasm to top things off. Since we're close to the bottom line here, we'll give you the bottom line: This movie is just too hot to miss. Enjoy all of the strap on action! Ciao.

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