On The Street

Released at: October 8, 1999 by Vivid
Azlea and Bobby up front. Azlea leans over to suck Bobby's cock as he sits in the passenger's seat of the car. They go inside to a bed where Bobby licks her pussy fast before also fingering her asshole. They kiss and she gives him more head (also licking his balls). She rides him cowgirl as he fingers her asshole again. They fuck missionary before having anal sex while she rubs her pussy. Bobby pulls out, removes the condom and cums. His semen lands on, and in the area of, her pubes, pussy and inner left thigh. Chloe is doing laundry topless when Devin walks in. He takes his shirt off and they kiss. Chloe squats to blow him (some of it deep). Devin briefly screws her in a couple of positions before we see him jerking off as he cums on her belly, and just above her pubic patch. *Chloe has one of her hands on his balls as he's cumming. She sucks on the middle finger of his right hand just as the scene ends (which is the hand he used to jerk off as he was cumming). Ian breaks into Candy's home to raid her refrigerator. She catches him and points a gun at him. Of course it isn't long before she's sucking his cock in the next room. She sits over his face so he can lick her pussy. They fuck in a couple of positions and have anal doggie style sex. Ian pulls out, removes the condom and cums on her ass cheeks (lower back). Devon gets paid before getting in the back of a limousine with Jeanna and Tony. Inside the limo, we see the back of Tony's head between Devon's ass cheeks. Devon eats out Jeanna, and blows Tony. Jeanna blows Tony while Devon plays with his balls and kisses Tony. The limousine pulls into a garage and the three exit the vehicle. Tony eats out Jeanna as Jeanna eats out Devon. Tony fucks both girls. Tony jerks off as Jeanna cradles his balls. He cums on both sets of tits as they eye him. *Some dirty talk from Jeanna. The two girls kiss on a mattress. Chloe uses her mouth, then a dildo to fuck Devon (Chloe uses the dildo like a strap on dildo, but without the strap). Devon fucks Chloe with a larger object before Chloe has her pussy doubly penetrated with sex toys. The girls kiss. Bad guys Randy and Jack Hammer go inside the club with working girl Jewel. Jewel gives Jack head and licks his balls (she eyes him too). Randy gets blown while Jack uses his finger, then cock, to fuck Jewel from behind. Randy briefly fucks her missionary. She blows Randy again while getting fucked in her ass by Jack. Randy and Jack (Randy first) jerk off and cum on Jewel's tits as she plays with their balls and eyes them. Inari is hitting on Ian so that he'll take her to his place. *Jewel promised her $150 if she found out where he lived. They kiss when they get there. Inari is soon eyeing him while sucking and stroking his cock. Ian licks her pussy from underneath her. They have vaginal and anal sex (one position each). Ian cums on her right ass cheek after pulling out. The guys give Chloe $400 to have sex back at her place. She blows Jack first as Randy watches. Chloe eyes Jack while sucking on his balls. Randy gets eyed and blown as Jack does Chloe doggie style. She next blows Jack while riding Randy reverse cowgirl. Jack and Chloe have anal sex just before Randy jerks off as he cums on her face and tongue. She takes one suck on Randy's cock before eyeing him. Jack is jerking off and cumming on Chloe's belly (and just above her pubes). Bobby doesn't trust Devon, so she comes on to him to. They kiss and Bobby briefly tastes one of her tits. He finger fucks and licks her pussy. Devon blows him. They have sex cowgirl and missionary. Very briefly, Devon licks his balls as he jerks off. Bobby immediately cums on her tits and chest. They kiss.

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